Course Syllabus

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Overview of this Course

Course Description: The role of natural geologic processes such as volcanoes, earthquakes and climate change in shaping the earth, the environment and human civilization.  As this in an introductory course in the department of Geological Sciences, we will also learn the basic principles that help us understand our dynamic planet.

Learning objectives: Students should complete GEOL 107 with an understanding of:

  • The scientific method and its application to the development of geoscience (also to help you become critical thinkers!)
  • The origin and internal structure of the Earth
  • Plate tectonic theory
  • The origin, type and distribution of volcanoes in the world
  • The causes and distribution of earthquakes on Earth
  • The impact of earthquakes and volcanoes in geologic history and on human civilization, past and future
  • Prediction, measurement and hazard mitigation for both volcanoes and earthquakes
  • Causes and impacts of natural climate variability

Course Summary:

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